Trial & Error


A Story trial is a great opportunity for us to go through all your ideas to achieve your desired wedding day look.   So be prepared to get that Monica style wedding book out, Pinterest board or insta refs.  Basically, anything that is going to help translate your ideal look to me.

I will then be using a variety of quality products to prep and prime, creating the perfect canvas prior to makeup application.  If needed, I'd be happy to suggest  products that might help you leading up to the big day.  Makeup will be adapted to you and I will advise what key products you may need for touch ups throughout the big day.  


Lashes/ individula cluster lashes can be applied upon request.


The trial process is therefore just as important as the big day itself.  This is where the overall bridal look for the day will be decided, so don't hold back, be honest and speak up . I want you to be 100% happy with the final look.

Whether you want light minimal make-up or a more dramatic style, this is the opportunity that will enable us to see what works and what doesn't.  

I know how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin at the best of times, your wedding day is definitely one occasion where you want a look that makes you stand out, in all the right ways.

That is what Story is all about!

A trial typically lasts from 2-3hours.

If you have chosen your veil and/or hair accessory, please bring this with you on your trial day so it can be incorporated into your look.


If you have a larger wedding party to be covered, that is no problem.  I have a pool of trusty hand picked assistants who can be on hand with your wedding day prep.


 Potential Queries....

What brands do you use?

Story do not stick to any one name, we use a variety of high quality brands from MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Trilogy, the ordinary, Dermalogica and more.  We use brands that mix well together to acheive that flawless, long lasting look. 


Is it really that important to have a trial?

Crucial!  Not only will you be meeting your artist and familiarising yourself with the way they work, whilst taking advantage of your artists skills and being pampered for a few hours. This is the time for you to try out any ideas you may want, to successfully find your chosen look for your occasion.  It will also allow you and your artist to organise a schedule for the day, ensuring all hair and make-up is completed in a timely, calm fashion.



I am not happy, but don't want to insult my artist?

SPEAK UP!  The trial is an absolute waste of time, if you leave not feeling your look is complete.  Not only will you have wasted your time and money, but your artist cannot read your mind and if they do not know you are unhappy and you leave, they cannot change this. Honestly, we will not be offended.  We would be more offended if you don't say!



I haven't a clue what I want, can you advise me?

That's what we are on hand for.  By using the references you have selected, the syle of your dress and any other accessorize, we will work out what will suit your face shape, style and character.  You may have a specific theme you want to use to inspire your look, and by all means this can be incorporated, however subtle or dramatically you want.



Will you travel to me?

We would be happy to travel to you or you come to us, it is totally up to you what would suit. If we are to travel to you, mileage will be calculated and added to the balance of your booking, along with any other travel expenses incurred.



What treatments should I have prior to my Big Day?

You want your skin to be the best it can, we would maybe recommend investing in a course of facials, suited to your skin type.  We would be happy to suggest brands we believe to be reliable and which give positive results.

Alot of brides have enquired about having false lashes, I would discourage having strip lashes, as they may not last the day and even look a bit un-natural.  I would suggest having your lashes permed and tinted to give them a an extra lift.  If you feel this is not enough, experiment with indidual lashes prior to you day, to give you time to decide if they are the look you want, your artist can apply individuals on your trial, to give you an idea of what they'd look like for the day.

(Tinting, perming and individual lashes can be applied at most beauty salons.)